Podcast and Interviews

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A blind man gets a Seeing Eye App.

Russell G. Jones as TOM
Rachel Hamilton as VISIBLE
Kerry Kastin as DEDE

Written by Louis Kornfeld
with help from Diana McCorry
Produced by Jonathan Mitchell


Episode 91: Russell G. Jones


Actor Russell G. Jones stops by the podcast to talk about how sobreity helped him become a better actor, what "whiteness" means, about his amazing career in the theatre and working with Louie C.K. Check out his project The Blind Spot, https://www.facebook.com/theblindspotproject/?fref=ts, and his actor website, http://russellgjones.com



Ep#13: Blind Spot


Special Guest: Russell G. Jones, award winning actor and creator of Blind Spot. Created after hearing the term "Post Racial America", Blind Spot is a multi-platform campaign that facilitates cross cultural dialogue and critical thinking, so more of us can recognize and resist internalized and systematic oppression. Music segment: Ilyana and James perform their song "Good Guise".