Video Prompts: Racial Equity in Theater, Film and TV

Do you all see Tarzan over here? And all the Africans and he’s beating them up and breaking the lions jaw. And here’s Tarzan talking to the animals and the Africans have been there for centuries and he yet can’t talk to the animals, only Tarzan can talk to the animals. I always wondered why?
— Muhammad Ali, BBC Parkinson 1971
This is really significant because those who write and direct our films are our cultural authors. They tell our stories and shape all of our ideas about normalcy, family, sexuality, romance, conflict, adventure. And they are vastly white and in this case upperclass male. They are the least likely to have authentic cross racial relationships. Because of their positions, but they get to represent the other.
— Dr. Robin Diangelo, Putting Racism On The Table
Like most Americans I could no longer pay lip service to a cause that is so urgently right and in a time that is so urgently now.
— Charleton Heston, 1963 Civil Rights Round Table
I think that this is the strongest medium ever created in the history of the human species. Bar none. I think it attacks the subconscious mind in a way that we have no idea of what the impact is.
— Edward James Olmos, The Bronze Screen